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Event Pick: Cash’d Out at the Broadberry

April 18


The recently departed Merle Haggard could do a top-notch impression of his friend and fellow country legend Johnny Cash. You’ve got to think there are a lot of other deep-voiced Cash impersonators out there. But there’s only one tribute act endorsed by the official Johnny Cash website, winning multiple awards and praise from the Cash family — and that would be Cash’d Out. (“Some people are impressionists, some leave an impression,” went the official praise). The band’s performances reference the early Sun Records and Columbia-era sound, combined with the steely energy of the classic prison records from Folsom and San Quentin, where Haggard first heard the music. W.S. Holland, Cash’s longtime drummer, has even sat in with the group, so you know it’s legit. Fans of old-school country may be feeling the blues lately, but they can get a lift with Cash’d Out on Monday, April 18, at the Broadberry. Red Light Rodeo opens. Show starts at 8 p.m. Tickets are $12 to $15 on the date of show.

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