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Event Pick: Broncho, Winter and Big No at Strange Matter

June 26


Broncho moves at plodding pop paces. Largely a midtempo affair, the group’s new album, “Double Vanity,” is an indie T. Rex take on all of tomorrow’s parties. The densely layered slinks of “Soak Up the Sun,” “Jenny Loves Jenae” and “Fantasy Boys” are soothing garage-rock immersions. Like the singular monoliths of Baltimore’s Lungfish, the Oklahoma group paints every canvas it creates in blurred, coquettish washes. The frosty abstractions crawl to nonliteral conclusions in a stubborn yet malleable adherence to its melodic and lyrical ideology. Broncho dreams in public Sunday, June 26, at Strange Matter. Joining it are the esoteric illusions of Winter from Los Angeles and Richmond dark pop purveyor Big No, which has a whole batch of new tunes. Doors open at 9 p.m. $10.

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