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Event Pick: Bombadil at Ashland Coffee and Tea

Friday, May 15


Bombadil is updating the great American songbook. Originally a duo that started in Durham, North Carolina, in 2005, the group is now a trio of engaging multi-instrumentalists: Daniel Michalak, James Phillips and Stuart Robinson. They make a quirky chamber folk born from the sheet music of Irving Berlin and George Gershwin. Theatrical in nature, Bombadil’s dapper pop is touchingly poignant in its unabashed sweetness. While such groups as They Might Be Giants and Ween may have defined themselves by their sardonic distance, Bombadil plays with an empathetic warmth and resilience that resists the easy temptations of parody. Spry, witty and imaginative, Bombadil will have you whistling happy little ditties on the sunny side of the street. The band put the pep into your step Friday, May 15, at Ashland Coffee and Tea. Doors open 8 p.m. Admission is $10-$12.

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