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Event Pick: Animal Collective at the National

Nov. 4

Animal Collective makes music for the age of pluralism. The longtime Baltimore experimentalists take full advantage of every technological innovation at their disposal to create a land without fences. On their latest release, “Painting With,” the group recall the pop art of Jasper Johns, the melodic iconography of the Beach Boys, John Carpenter soundtracks and J. Dilla. On the densely propulsive “The Bulgars,” sounds, samples and syllables imply symbols outside any referential context. The abstractions continue through the swirling and discombobulated “Natural Selection” and “Summing the Wretch,” and the closing reconciliation, “Recycling.” A compelling and complex pattern of textures, Animal Collective starts and stops making sense Friday, Nov. 4, at the National. Opening is English beat prober Actress. Doors open for the all-ages engagement in canorous activity at 6:30 p.m. Admission is $24.50-$28.

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