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Epic Records Signs Local Headbangers

Even so, drummer Chris Adler is nonchalant about the development. Except for the new label, he says, “Nothing’s changed for the band.”

Growling lines about the machinations of the powerful is what’s important. Adler says band members are just satisfied that Epic left creative control completely with them. “As long as we can make the albums we like and listen to them and enjoy them,” he says, “it only matters that we’re happy with the music we put out.”

Lamb of God is coheadlining the MTV Headbanger’s Ball tour, which kicks off Oct. 28 in Montreal. It seems that supernatural sales of the band’s latest album, “As the Palaces Burn,” (nearly 40,000 copies sold since it arrived May 6) brought record execs drooling and got their videos on the tube. “The attention has just swung our way,” Adler says. “We really haven’t gone out of our way.”

And they’re still having fun, he says. “We really have nothing to lose.” — Wayne Melton

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