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Encore! Encore!

Planning for a successful second wedding


Engagement Extras

Go ahead and celebrate with all the little extras: engagement parties, newspaper announcements - the works. But before you do, be sure that you've made one-on-one wedding announcements to those people who should hear about your plans firsthand. Of course, the very first people to know besides the two of you would be any children either of you have from previous marriages. Your children are about to have a significant change in their lives and should be the first to know that. But also consider any other family members or friends who might be affected by your news.

Interesting Invites

Unlike most first-timers, many encore brides feel a bit more relaxed about the whole invitation thing. Sure, if you're planning a formal, elegant wedding, do your invitations up right with engraving and expensive paper. But if you're planning a more relaxed exchanging of vows, think about creating an invitation that highlights your own personal style or the theme of the wedding.

What To Wear

Whatever you like! The main idea is to show up wearing whatever makes you feel good on your special day. Grooms, the same goes for you - this time around it's all about letting your own individual style rule the day.

Gifts and Galas

While you may feel that an engagement party, bridal shower or gift registry are unnecessary, your friends and family may want to throw you a party and give you some gifts anyway. Unless you really feel strongly about it, go ahead and let them express their happiness for you. Because many encore brides are already stocked with typical registry items, you may need to think creatively about how to handle gifts. You can request that guests make a donation to your favorite charity, you can ask for home improvement gifts, hobby items, honeymoon items, gifts related to a special topic like wine or cooking are fun as well.

Romantic Retreat

Just because this is your second time around, don't forgo getting away with your new spouse for a few days. Honeymoons are important because they give you time to rest and relax from all the hustle and bustle of planning and partying plus they create a nice transition to your new life together. If you have younger children consider spending some time away just as a couple and then taking everyone on a short "family honeymoon." If your children are older, go off and enjoy yourselves. Celebrate your joy in finding love again!

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