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Ellwood Thompson's Launches Delivery Service in Richmond



Craving one of Ellwood Thompson's sandwiches for lunch, but don't have the time to go there? Now it can come to you.

The popular longtime Richmond organic grocery store announced today that it's partnering with Quickness RVA's bicycle service to offer delivery in the city.

Diners can choose from a menu that includes signature sandwiches, vegetarian wraps, fresh-baked cookies and cakes. The full menu can be found here on Quickness RVA's ordering site.

Press release reprinted below.

Ellwood Thompson’s Now Offering Delivery!
Local Market Announces Partnership with Quickness RVA

Richmond, VA

Today marks the launch of delivery service for Ellwood Thompson’s! A Richmond staple since 1989, Ellwood Thompson’s is a community market known for its locally-sourced, sustainable grocery selection and homemade prepared food. Now, in partnership with Quickness RVA’s bicycle couriers, Ellwood’s is offering a meal menu for delivery all around town!

The menu​ features a selection of 13 sandwiches and wraps, catering to a variety of dietary preferences - vegetarian, vegan, carnivore, organic, and gluten-free, along with drinks and sides from Ellwood’s grocery aisles. The menu, of course, stays true to the Ellwood’s values of sustainable, local agriculture and additive-free ingredients; a sure-fire hit for environmental and health-conscious foodies in Richmond!

Regarding the partnership, says Jess Izen, General Manager, Quickness RVA, “This is a natural partnership, given our core focus on sustainable transportation - what else could Ellwood Thompson’s be delivered with, but bikes? We also respect Ellwood Thompson’s support for local farmers, as a business that prides ourself on building local community. Wholesome food ahead!”

Says Colin Beirne, Marketing Director, Ellwood Thompson’s, “We are excited to be partnering with Quickness to offer our healthy, locally made and sourced when available sandwiches, wraps, bowls and salads to the Richmond community. Not only are we pumped to be able to offer up delivery but we are equally as pumped to partner with Quickness. It’s awesome to be able to work with a similar mission-minded, environmentally friendly, bike loving, local company.”

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