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Elf Power at Ally Katz



In contemporary indie music, it's rare for the bass line to be noticed over the melody. If anything, bands are criticized for their lack of strong bass parts (think The White Stripes). Georgia-based band Elf Power has made enormous strides to change this. Accolades for Elf Power's stunning rhythms go to drummer Eric Harris and bassist Derek Almstead, who, combined with front man Andrew Rieger's understated melodies and the talents of guitarist Jimmy Hughes, keyboardist Laura Carter and cellist Heather McIntosh, create music that is, simply, cool. Their latest album, "In a Cave,"VbCrLf released in March, pays homage to the '60s, mixing psychedelic electronics into their mellow sound. Elf Power performs July 9 at 8 p.m. at Alley Katz. $8. 643-2816.ΓΏ


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