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Election-Day Arrests:Student Hunters With Racist Signs


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Police arrested two students on Election Day at Thomas Dale High School, charging them with possession of firearms on campus. But that's not what caught people's attention.

“They had handwritten campaign signs that were inappropriate,” says Lt. Doug Mooney, a Chesterfield Police spokesman. Specifically, the signs were inscribed with racial epithets, although Mooney wouldn't reveal specifics. “It was apparent they weren't Obama supporters,” says police spokeswoman Ann Reid.

The school in Chester was closed for the day to make way for voters. The students had gone hunting that morning and still had firearms with them in a truck when they arrived on campus, Mooney says.

Chesterfield County Registrar Larry Haake, who notified police, says he received several calls from campaign workers distressed by the signs. “Nobody liked the signs,” Haake says.

Officials with Chesterfield County Schools decline to discuss the incident.

“It's my understanding that there was an arrest on school property but it was not school-related,” says Tim Bullis, director of community relations for the Chesterfield School Board.


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