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“Duke Sucks” Book: Rehashing for Haters


It sounds like most of the information presented in Reed Tucker's new book about how much Duke sucks is nothing new.

Duke fans have heard for years that the team gets all the calls and receives preferential treatment. We know that others hate Duke players for a certain type of arrogance. What else ya got? The review makes it appear that the earth-shattering revelations that come from this book are the result of careful investigation from the authors to see if such claims actually carried any weight. I truly hope the book is better researched than the review lets on.

The "alternately shocking and hilarious" results listed in the review include "easy seeding in the NCAA tournament" and the claim that "during the past decade of regular seasons, Duke has played only three true away games — that is, not in neutral arenas."

Easy seeding in the NCAA tournament comes from winning 25-plus games over 14 of the past 15 seasons and routinely winning the hardest conference in Division I basketball. Claiming that Duke gets high seeds because of preferential treatment is a self-serving argument. Additionally, the latter claim is illogical and flatly absurd. Looking back at the 2009-'10 season alone, the Blue Devils played 10 away games in the opposing team's gymnasiums. Indeed, they play at least once every year at the University of North Carolina's home gym.

Either the book is falsely researched, or the reviewer misunderstood the results.

Jason Carmichael


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