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Driving Off Deep End

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Transportation economist George Hoffer’s comment that hybrid vehicles are lighter in weight and create less wear and tear on roads is perverse and inaccurate (“Gassed,” News & Features,” Jan. 16).

Nonhybrid counterparts are actually lighter because they do not carry rather huge components. Hybrids’ drive trains consist of motor generators that replace your typical transmissions. These motor generators have heavyweight ramifications along with their inverters to change the voltage they produce from alternating to direct current. Also, let us not forget the hybrid battery and additional wiring harnesses required.

Furthermore, not all hybrid vehicles are small. There are full-sized luxury and SUV vehicles. On some SUV-truck hybrids there are heavier and stronger wheels and different load classification tires, which also add to the vehicles’ overall weight. Hybrid vehicles always tip the scale (at this time), weighing more than their nonhybrid companion models, i.e. Toyota Camry hybrid vs. Toyota Camry nonhybrid.

David K. Edwards, Chesterfield


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