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Drive-Time Diva

Taking calls with Q94's Melissa Chase.



In the end, there was only one. They just couldn't fire Melissa Chase, the flirty pop-culture siren with the freckles and, um, big heart.

Clear Channel Communications canned her morning show co-host on Q94, Sid Kelly, three weeks ago and started a firestorm, or maybe a small brush fire. How could Melissa, 28, be so callous, one ill -informed e-mailer demanded to know, by getting Sid fired so she could move to WRVQ-FM's afternoon drive slot— 2 to 7 p.m. — in order to spend more time with her 8-month old baby girl, London? TSNF!

Style Weekly recently caught up with Chase to get some answers and take some calls from us. And yes, she was a make-out artist during her time as an intern at MTV in the early 2000s. You know, boy bands.

Caller 1: Hey girl, I can't believe Rihanna allowed somebody to take those nekkid pictures. WTF! What's worse — Rihanna's pics or the upskirt Britney shots?

Chase: Ooooohh. Well, Rihanna was the one that took her own pictures as you can see in her reflection. So I blame Rihanna for that one. If you take those naked photos, you need to know that if you're a celebrity they are going to get out there at some point. So if you're holding a camera and you're taking the photo, that's your own fault.

What's worse in the broader sense? She could have just been taking the pictures for her boyfriend or something. That's not so bad, right?

She still took them. I would say it's probably worse to be Britney, because at least Rihanna's got a bangin' bod. And who knew she was pierced on her nips? We all found that out.

Caller 2: Speaking of adorable pictures, the photo of your baby girl on the Web site is soo sweet. Has to be the happiest baby I've ever seen. How does she stay so positive in this difficult economy, especially with satellite radio threatening the financial business model of traditional FM radio stations like the Q?

Well, I don't think that XM is threatening Q, but I think that she's just a happy kid. You're a product of your environment, I think, to some extent. Especially when you're that young and you can't make your own decisions. [My husband] Tyler and I are just happy people and we play with her, like we do stuff together.

What was wrong with Sid?

Nothing that I'm aware of.

So why is he gone?

Um. Management made some changes.

Caller 3: Why they always pickin' on kids about sexting, or whatever. When I was a kid we didn't even have cell phones. We drew ourselves naked and mailed them to our sweethearts care of the U.S. Postal Service. HBU?

Wait, HBU?

How about you?

Oh, OK. It's weird hearing it and not seeing it. Um. Do I sext, is that what you are asking?

Would you have done that when you were in grade school?

I don't know. I feel like teens now are a lot more promiscuous than I was. They're crazy now, and they have no problem showing it all off. Whereas like, the most naked I got in high school was in show choir behind the curtains while we were changing between acts. … I mean, I think it sucks in some ways. One, some people are going to be the hottest they are ever going to look in high school, so you want to show off what you got. But at the same time if you're underage, you know, people are being held now as sex offenders for being 17 and sending naked pictures to their girlfriends.

Is that right? I mean, they're kids.

It's a tough call. I almost feel like in some ways it should be on an individual basis. If it's unsolicited, I think you deserve to be punished for it because I don't think you need to be seeing naked penises if you are underage and aren't asking for it. At the same time, I can't say I wouldn't have been in that position maybe, if texting and sexting would have been what it was.

Who was your most interesting interview?

When I worked at MTV, I did Mariah Carey [in 2001] and she was a heinous bitch. … She didn't like the way the studio was lit. Where they do these interviews, it's basically like a glorified closet. It's really small and there's lights everywhere. She didn't like her backlighting because she had specifically requested an angelic glow, and the glow of the lights apparently was not angelic enough for her and she kind of flipped her stuff. She was really not a nice person at all.

Caller 4: Everybody is always talking about Michelle Obama's arms. Oh, look how toned, look how muscular. Quick: Who would win in an arm-wrestling contest — Michele Obama or Elliott Yamin?

Oh, definitely Michelle. I think Elliott's got better abs but Michelle's got those rockin' guns. She would definitely win. She has the right to bear arms.

How often do stars come on to you?

So, I don't know. … Pauley Shore was in here last week and I think he tried to slip me his hotel room key, because he left it with like his room number and that was like really awkward. … Some of the guys are really sleazy and they hit on you, but I think they do it half in jest and half really hitting. I don't know. I'm married. I don't really see it like them being serious. At least I hope they are not being serious.

Before you were married?

Yes, I dated a couple of people.

Come on. Help us out.

No way. No. We'll just say boy bands and we'll leave it at that.

Boy bands?

Not the entire bands. Not all of them. Some occasional people.

Justin Timberlake?

I'm not going to say. I'm not getting into it.

By not commenting you've confirmed it.

That's not true, either. S

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