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Dr. Stephanie Crewe, 35

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Division of Adolescent Medicine, MCV Hospitals


“I said I wanted to be a doctor when I was 5,” Stephanie Crewe says. “I don’t think I even knew what that meant,” she adds, laughing.

Crewe grew up near Afton Avenue, an area that a local newspaper dubbed “the deadliest street in Richmond” in the ’90s. That headline was a call to action for a young woman who refused to become a statistic. “I represent the antithesis of what a 1994 public health official would have predicted,” she says — “and strive to empower, uplift, and encourage the generations behind me to do the same.”

The Howard University graduate built an impressive résumé that includes a residency at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital and fellowship training at Johns Hopkins University medical school. For the past two years, she’s served as a volunteer physician on medical missions to Bucaramanga, Colombia, with Hands Across the Americas. “If there’s a need and I’m able to provide, I do it,” Crewe says.

Prompted by the increasing number of pregnant girls around her as a teenager, Crewe says, she pursued a career in women’s reproductive health. Eventually she discovered adolescent medicine, a subspecialty of pediatrics. “I absolutely fell in love with it,” she says, “not only for the reproductive health angle but the way in which I was able to use the tool of communication to delve into the complex lives of patients.”

Serving as assistant professor of pediatrics in the Division of Adolescent Medicine at MCV Hospitals, the physician is a passionate advocate for the well-being of young people, especially those in Richmond. “They’re a very strong population and often don’t know that,” Crewe says. “If I can touch even one or two, that’s my dream.”

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