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Dovi's Slaughter of Richmond Fire

Everytime Richmond Firefighters respond to a call, install a smoke detector, attend a community event, give a station tour, clean our station, cut the grass surrounding our firehouses '/or police grounds for trash, train, work out (as physical fitness is vital to our's ' the citizen's survival), take a blood pressure by a citizen stopping in the station, assist a motorist with a broken down vehicle (had only one last shift I worked), or respond "non-emergency" to conduct a Home Safety Survey or other citizen concern, call up Dovi. Dovi's article failed to mention how often we respond '/or do the above. Additionally, we can inform him that we respond to incidents other than just alarms, ems, ' firefighting calls. Gas leaks, Haz Mat, CO detector activation (oh he may package that under "alarms") just to name a few....Dovi's article may have achieved the point of potential merger/changes to EMS/Fire in Richmond, but at the slaughter of the Richmond Firefighters. I am a proud veteran who wouldn't work elsewhere. The men ' women of Richmond Fire, as most other fire departments and countless other industries in today's strapped economy, work harder without additional pay, less firefighters, aging equipment, and additional budget cuts in our future. We do this while continuing to maintain response times and excellent customer service! Fires may be down, but response to emergencies ' helping our citizens is not. I agree, the Citizen's Academy we offer would give you a peek into all we do, which is significantly more accurate than riding along one shift. Dovi, keep your phone handy, the next night we respond to 3, 4, 5 calls in the middle of the night leaving us without sleep, I'll dial you up. If not at night, maybe during your lunch or dinner. Mine is interrupted more often than not, how about you? In addition to irregular sleep ' meals, many holidays ' weekends, as well as some nights away from my family were factors I readily accepted when I became a firefighter. I did so to help others and be part of a proud "other" family-my firefighting family. The people who go anytime day or night to help a stranger, and often see the most difficult times for people. We will continue to do our job professionally, proudly, and despite being painted in such an inaccurate manner. So many comments should prompt you to question how well you actually wrote this article. It is more than just a few firefighters who do not agree with you, but firefighters, family, and citizens we interact with regularly that know truly what we do as the approval rating we have continues to remain high. Be proud brother ' sister firefighters, we know all that we do ' how well we do it!

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