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Don't Overlook Enablers of Illegal Immigrants


Back Page contributors Shaun Kenney and Claire Guthrie GastaAƱaga (“Justification Without Justice,” Aug. 11), writing on the Prince William County drunken-driving case, make a good point about how bad cases make bad law. Secondly, they raise a question about the leniency shown the illegal alien driver by the Prince William County officials — although long incarceration does not cure alcohol addiction. Since they are local and not federal, they get a pass.

In Prince William County Supervisor Corey A. Stewart's rush to get his proposed rule of law adopted, which would convert Virginia law enforcement into Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers, one hopes he will not overlook those who enable illegal immigration, i.e., employers of undocumented workers. This should include progressive criminal sanctions beginning with a citation and $250 fine up to a class six felony (habitual offender) for a third conviction. Why prosecute the prostitutes while letting our good-citizen Johns walk?

Walt Pulliam Jr.
Henrico County

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