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Dollar-Sign Vandal Caught?



Richmond police have arrested a man they think is responsible for several cryptic acts of vandalism at a Museum District house.

Stephen C. Herndon Jr., 43, of the 300 block of Dundee Avenue, was arrested last week and charged with nine counts of destruction of personal property. In January Herndon was found guilty of trespassing at Bandito's Burrito Lounge.

Police had been searching for weeks for the person behind the strange vandalism at real estate agent Jeanne Bridgforth's house. She discovered a new incident every week from Feb. 10 through March 1: a heap of trash with a note saying "All you need is love" and "$orry," a spray-painted heart and dollar sign, a missing cast-iron planter, and a pile of dirty gym socks, one painted with a dollar sign.

"I'm getting freaked out by this," Bridgforth said after the last incident. The vandalism since has stopped.

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