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Dismembering genres

Some people place the Plan's clean and melodic take on experimental post-punk in the emo circuit, which seems to irritate him the most, though his main point is that genres as a whole are really not that useful, because they limit the performer as well as the audience, and the interaction between both. "I'm really very passive about those things," he says unapologetically. "We're just a rock band that does a lot of different things." Morrison was just as sassy when he picked up the band's name from the Bill Murray comedy "Groundhog Day," which debuted in 1993, the year the band started. "The insurance salesman was trying to sell [Murray's character] Phil life insurance and he mentioned a dismemberment plan," Morrison says. Check out The Plan's music (whatever genre it falls into) this Saturday at Alley Katz at 9. Tickets are $8-$10. — olivia

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