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Discoveries: Déj… Vu

Discarded items are transformed into beautiful home decor.


Starburst mirror fashioned from old barrel staves. $395 from Willow Place Antiques Gallery, 5446 W. Broad St.,(804) 288-6301.

Mirror made from salvaged tin ceiling tile. $350 from GlassBoat.

Artist Diane Markin from Los Angeles makes frames, clocks and other items out of vintage silverware. This frame is $55 from GlassBoat, 3220 W. Cary St., (804) 358-5596, www.glassboat.com.

New York Artist Richard Birkett uses all kinds of found objects to make what he calls Fantasy Clocks. This one features a vintage slide viewer complete with slide. Prices available on request, from Artemis Gallery, 1601 W. Main St.,(804) 254-1755.

House numbers, also made from salvaged traffic signs by Boris Bally. Prices range from $120 to $200 depending on size. From eco-artware.com.

Bowls made from salvaged traffic signs by Boris Bally from Providence, R.I. Buy online for $360 plus shipping, from Guild.com

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