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Disco Biscuits at the National


With some bands, it's hard to imagine buying the CD. Even if it is a live CD. The Disco Biscuits are like that. Because even if, in all probability, you have no real recollection of the last time you saw the Philly fusion jam band perform, you probably remember a field, and lots of people, and the kind of tripped-out electronica that suits an intense, transcendent conversation whilst dancing — melting, really — with that wonderful girl with the bare feet and 17 or 18 piercings. And that's just not the kind of thing that translates well to a CD. But sometimes that drive to work can be lonely, thinking about what's-her-name with the tattooed feet, and sometimes that experience can almost be recalled, nearly, with a Disco Biscuit CD. All of which is moot, because they're coming to the National on Wednesday, March 4, at 8 p.m. Look for the piercings, and remember. $22.50. 612-1900 or — Brandon Reynolds

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