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Disbanded, Prabir Has Song Tapped for D.C. Sitcom


Local rock group and hometown success story Prabir and the Substitutes recently ended their four-year existence on a definitive note: “We lit all of our instruments on fire and destroyed them,” recalls Prabir Mehta, former lead singer and guitarist, of the band's final show in December.

But the popular band's music, which drew on sounds from mid-1960s classic rock, lives on in MP3 files, YouTube tributes, and now — wait for it — the theme song for a new Washington-based sitcom, “Young Adult,” about five post-grad guys trying to make it in the nation's capital.

“Teacher Randy, Non-profiteer Slate, and Hill-staffer Murphy are ready to tackle adulthood after moving into their first house,” hypes the show's Facebook page. “They recount their weekly experiences when they meet together at a local pub for trivia night.”

The 35-second opening credits for the pilot episode, screened at hipster-infested E Street Cinema in D.C. last week, feature cuts from Prabir and the Substitutes' song “Five Little Pieces,” the title track of the band's final album. The song also surfaces during the ill-fated exploits of one character working as a street sign spinner.

“The little gap in-between college and getting a job, there's nothing that really covers that in-between period of life,” says Ishu Krishna, co-executive producer and director of “Young Adult.” Krishna previously worked with Prabir and the Substitutes on a music video for the band's song “Trains” and says she wanted “Five Little Pieces” for her show's five guys “even before we wrote the pilot.”

“It's just kind of interesting that this TV thing is happening now,” Mehta says. “For a split second I was like, maybe we'll get back together.”

“We're not going to get back together,” Mehta says.

“Young Adult” will make the rounds at television festivals in New York and Los Angeles; Krishna says there's already interest from investors in making the show a Web series. If it's picked up, there may be more composition work for Mehta for transitional music between scenes.

Mehta, who is president of the board of directors at Gallery5, has been busy forming a new band, Prabir/Goldrush, with husband-and-wife classical musicians Matthew and Treesa Gold. But for any future episodes of “Young Adult,” he's game to riff off his old band's “Five Little Pieces” — probably in that song's key of C major.
“It's a very upbeat, fun, rock 'n' roll key,” Mehta says.

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