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Dinner With Morrissey?


Honorable Delegate Versace, (motion to strike) — Honorable Delegate Morrissey,

Please note, as “gifted” as you may be sir (“Morrissey Expands on Style, Goldman,” Letters, June 22), please remember what the Romans used to call “trias politica.” You claim to work in a larger courtroom called the General Assembly. Is that not the legislative branch rather than judicial?

I’d hate to imagine a state government overrun with lawyers who wish to be judges one day writing the laws of our land!

I think we need to be honest and say, the only men that can pull off the wrinkled long-sleeve circa 1960s suit you mentioned are myself (I look good in anything, Joe — it’s a curse!) and perhaps — the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffett.

I’m marrying the most beautiful woman I know tomorrow, June 27 ... maybe we can, as a wedding gift, come over to your place for dinner one evening and I may see these awe-inspiring suits! Being 31, mine aren’t quite as grand ... yet.

Shaun G. Griffin
Glen Allen

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