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Desperate for Change, Voter Conflicted

I was happy to read Margaret Edds' piece ("War of Attrition," Back Page, Feb. 13) on the Democratic Party's date with the Perfect Storm. It pegged the concern I have been wrestling with ever since Super Tuesday.

I am an independent, moderate voter who supports Obama for president. I am desperate for a new direction in Washington. I believe both parties have capitalized on and encouraged division and fear as a way of solidifying their positions. Instead of positive proposals of progress and improvement, we get "what if" and "don't let them." We have to recognize the motive behind these prophecies of doom and realize we're being manipulated.

The McCain campaign's success has set up a scenario I would never have dreamed of six months ago. I could possibly vote Republican in November! I have been an adamant critic of the current administration and GOP. My disgust level is off the meter.

My cynicism has been further nurtured by the changing of the guard in Congress. We elected a Democratic-controlled Congress on promises of a new direction and reform. Nothing's changed. Both parties seem to believe that speaking of change is all that is required of them by an apathetic constituency. I hope they're wrong. The high interest and participation in the election seems to say they're wrong.

McCain has defied those who hold the keys to his future in order to stand up for what he believes. I lost enthusiasm for him since he seemed to have been muzzled and somewhat tamed by his keepers, but I hold out the hope that his actions are a means to an end.

Clinton is a woman who, despite the nature of her intentions, is the most polarizing figure the Democrats could nominate. It is impossible for me to visualize bipartisanism under her tenure. There could be no greater rallying cry for Republicans. Four more years of stagnation and quarreling is the only possible result.

If Clinton is nominated, I will have to choose between more of the same or voting for a man that I hope is going to once again defy his party. At least the latter holds some hope.

The Democratic Party had best wrap its mind around these facts, or the well-worn "snatching defeat from the jaws of victory" line will be plastered on every TV screen and newspaper headline.

Alan Potts

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