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“Derek Larson: Saf Aleph” at ADA Gallery

April 4 through April 26.


There’s no escape from consumer culture. Instead of trying to hide from its suffocating onslaught, multimedia artist Derek G. Larson reinvents it as a commentary on itself. Using digital media with painting, lights, motors and projected animations on free-standing screens, his juxtapositions are sculptural narratives on the effects of supply and demand on the human condition. Though his end results are resolved pieces, the Seattle artist works largely in cluttered abstraction, using visual techniques borrowed from Balinese puppet theater, Jackson Pollock’s drip paintings and the declarative boldness of graffiti in his shape-shifting, cultural paradigms. His work is a 21st-century agglomeration of mediums and influences that change in meaning and perception depending on the vantage point. The opening reception for “Derek Larson: Saf Aleph” is Friday at the ADA Gallery from 6-9 p.m. Through April 26.

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