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Deke Dickerson at Plaza Bowl

Friday, Aug. 27


It takes a special kind of roots performer to play a twin-necked guitar, but Deke Dickerson — like his forebear Joe Maphis — gets away with it. When this retro-loving former member of Untamed Youth isn't writing a regular column for Guitar Player magazine, or researching liner notes for archival projects on heroes like Merle Haggard, he and his band the Modern Sounds are bringing their barn-dance storming blend of Bakersfield country, vintage rockabilly and twangy surf music to 225 venues a year.  Deke-heads can now take the man's hot live show home with them — his seventh release (on his own Ecco-Phone label) is “Live at Duff's,” a recording of a recent Portland, Ore., date. Don't forget to request “Bomb Shelter (For My Heart)” when Deke Dickerson and the Modern Sounds play the Plaza Bowl, 521 E. Southside Plaza, on Friday, April 27, at 8 p.m.

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