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Dawn to Dusk

Spring fashions are a night-and-day duo of colorful ensembles and black-and-white silhouettes.


Shape and proportion play a big role in looks this spring, but the shape and size are up to you. There's potential in combinations. Keep it casual with shorts and a T-shirt, or do it up with a dainty spring dress. Top off either look with a trench coat, hat or oversized clutch. Look spectacular by the light of the sun or moon.

Fashion Stylist
Tracey Love

Art Director
Jeffrey Bland

Scott Elmquist

from Salon Del Sol
by Rebekah Hall

from Linamakeup.com
by Lina Sogomonyan

Lindsay and Sarong
from VCU fashion
and Natalie

Assistant to the stylist
Shawden Sheabar

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