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David Shultz and the Skyline and the Hot Seats at Plaza Bowl


Here are two bands that play well — and play well with others. David Shultz and the Skyline hide a mix of primal Modest Mouse and Bob Dylan between each beat. It's sing-along music, and if the new songs (coming out in album form this summer) are any indication, we'll be singing along to yet-better music soon.  Shultz and the boys play with fellow Richmond locals the Hot Seats, formerly Special Ed and the Shortbus. While the name's changed, the Hot Seats still power through shows, with bluegrass sound bouncing hand-in-hand with that old ragtime energy and the occasional rock 'n' roll beat. The string band is also working on its next full-length album, so there's bound to be lots of new things to enjoy at Plaza Bowl on Thursday, July 16, at 8 p.m. 233-8799. — Lauren Nicole Hill

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