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David McKetchan, 49

What I Do

Some people joke, but I'm here to sell watermelons. You know you're getting a good one from me. That truck's full of 2,000 watermelons. There were more yesterday and there'll be less tomorrow. They won't last more than a couple days if it stays hot. Then I'll get more. I stock 'em all.

I pull in with the truck and I don't go home until they're gone. After that, even. I don't leave. I sleep in the truck, on hay. I sell watermelons for a living, four months out of the year. In the off season I sell a few cows. Been doing it 40 years. I've got six kids. Some of them have sold watermelons but not as many as me. Nobody can sell more watermelons than me.

When it's hot people want watermelons and I can sell 3,000 in a second. [Chuckles.] You need hot weather to sell watermelons. If it's 100 degrees outside you're gonna sell 100 times more than 10. When it starts raining you ain't gonna make any money. It's not how much money you can make in a day, it's how much you can take.

People don't know a watermelon will last you two to three weeks. A watermelon don't get rotten 'cause it's 99 percent water. It might last forever if you keep it cold.

But I tell people: "Eat the damn thing now."

I get them all from a farm in South Carolina. South Carolina ain't hard to find. You just go down 95 and look for the signs.

[Calls out to passersby:] Watermelon! Four dollars! Five dollars! Six! I want 25 dollars for that watermelon. She ain't no baby. She weighs more than 100 pounds.

I can sell some watermelons. Crimsons, Sugar Babies, Long Jubilees, and the big dark ones, they're Black Diamonds. I put every one of them in those boxes. Sell 'em from dawn to midnight and later. Sometimes I don't even go to sleep. I go anywhere you can sell a watermelon. But this is my spot.

The thing about it is, you can have a little watermelon and nobody's gonna come and bother you and you ain't gonna bother nobody. That's the way it goes. I eat one every day. I'd be eatin' one now except I don't have my

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