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Dave Matthews Fan Wins Big Ticket

Could be that telepathy worked. On Christmas Eve, Jones learned she’d won airfare and accommodations for two to attend an exclusive Dave concert for only 200 people at the China Club in Midtown Jan. 9. Not only that, she’d get to attend an industry party for the musician set up by his record label, RCA.

“I started screaming on the air,” Jones says, recalling how she babbled on about all kinds of things, even trying to “bribe” the DJ to pull some strings for a good seat.

B-103 DJ Sheri Blanks says this kind of contest is rare for someone as famous as Matthews. “During the contest our phones were ringing off the hooks,” she says. “Even if it was a Go-Gos song playing, people were calling in.” Blanks planned to attend the performance and party herself.

A day before taking her flight, Jones was hoping she could return with a story to tell. Her mom even suggested she could be the next Courtney Cox, referring to Cox’s providential music-video pull onstage by Bruce Springsteen. Jones came close before. A few years ago she pushed her way up front during a concert to blurt a few notes alongside Natalie Merchant. She plans to do better than that with Matthews. “I have every intention of singing with him,” she says. — Brandon Walters

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