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Darling Synthesis at the Camel

Thursday, Oct. 9. 7 p.m.


I can think of no two local bands that are more different from each other than My Darling Fury and the Photosynthesizers. My Darling Fury makes symphonic indie chamber pop, and the Photosynthesizers are known for their distinctive brand of hip-hop fueled funk, soul and rock. In other cities, a one-time pairing of these polar opposites would seem odd. But in Richmond, a city long known for its musical plurality, the conglomeration of talents makes perfect sense. Playing together as one Thursday, Oct. 9, at the Camel, Darling Synthesis will be the collaboration of two bands bonded by their mutual desire to push music beyond stylistic restriction. The coupling is sure to pay immediate dividends in ways you might not expect, making this unique union of tribes the most intriguing show of the week. Doors open at 7 p.m. Admission is $5.

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