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Cupid Shuffle: Hairstylist Launches Husband Hunt



Yes, Richmond hairstylist Daviece Clement is tired of being single. She was set to kick off her much-publicized husband search New Year's Eve with a website launch soliciting dates. Sure, she'll end the week with a party featuring a signature cocktail by a corporate sponsor. And yes, perhaps you'll notice the billboard and storefront posters seeking volunteers for one of her 54 planned dates in 2014.

But, says the 32-year-old former ad agency executive, "What I don't want to do is have this come across as a gimmick."

Little late for that? Still, give her credit for creativity and resourcefulness. The former Martin Agency executive is doing what she does well: pitching a concept.

"I want other women to take a stand for what they want," Clement says. "It doesn't matter if it's a mate or a new career."

That thought kept her from backing out after the campaign was announced in October, she says. "One morning, I was sitting there getting ready for work, and I thought: 'Oh my God, what if I don't meet the right guy? Am I going to be embarrassed?' I settled myself by saying that's not the bigger picture here."

While she hopes to find her partner in the next year, she says, a wedding isn't in the equation just yet.

"I think it takes time to really get to know someone," Clement says. "It's not something I want to just jump into. This is a big journey."

The kickoff party is Friday at Balliceaux, where corporate sponsor Ciroc liquor will supply a drink titled 54.

"I have not tried it yet," Clement says, "but I know that it's very good."

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