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Crowdfunding Effort Under Way for Foo Fighters Show


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Have the days of crowd funding your favorite band to play locally arrived?

A group of Richmonders in their 30s has started a Crowdhoster page in hopes of raising $70,000 to convince the popular rock band Foo Fighters to return to Richmond and play a concert after a nearly 16-year absence.

After being live for a little more than a day, the page has raised $2,000 from backers who are paying $50 a ticket. If the concert never happens, the credit cards are never charged, according to the organizer behind the page.

“We’re just doing it as a social-media experiment. We’re big fans of the band, big fans of this city,” says Andrew Goldin, a freelance copywriter who started the page with his friends Brig White, John McAdorey and Lucas Krost. “We’d love to get [Foo Fighters] in town. Obviously the band doesn’t need this -- they’re one of biggest bands in the world and charge hundreds of thousands to play. We’re hoping they’ll be flattered.”

Goldin says he's never heard of anything like this working –- though he does recount a similar idea in Dallas where a man raised “$20,000 or something” in a direct bargain with rapper Vanilla Ice to play a concert. Goldin says they figured out the $70,000 by looking at capacity numbers for Richmond venues that held between 1,000 and 2,000 people and settling on $50 as a fair price for a concert ticket.

“We are not doing this at all to make money –- not a dime,” Goldin says. “I hope to never see any money. I would just transfer it to the band or a venue if a concert does come out of it. We’re not looking to hire the band -- we just want to bring them in for a concert.”

Goldin says they're actively tweeting about it, hoping to get the band’s attention, using the handle foofighters_RVA. Krost and Mondial production company created a funny little video for the page, which is slated to run for a monthlong campaign -- though Goldin says if they get close it might be extended. Sugar Shack Donuts has committed to paying $5,000 if the group raises the first $65,000.

“This is a shot in the dark, to be honest,” he adds. “We’re figuring it out as we go along.”