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Creeped Out

Ghost stories, seasonal brews, shocking food, zombies and more. The unsettling stuff of Richmond will lift your Halloween spirits.


Local Haunts
Richmond is a city full of spirits. Here are a few notable apparitions.

A Deathly Island
Looking back at Belle Isle's horrific past.

Fright Night
How Bigfoot, gospel music and pancakes fueled one Richmond Halloween.

Feminine Mystique
From a back room in Carytown a tarot reader divines the state of Richmond and what lies ahead.

Ghost Interrupted
An annoyed, dapper ghoul appears at the Poe Museum.

Food Phobias
Chicken hearts and fish cheeks? Conquer your fears to break the restaurant rut.

Pumpkin Smashed
An onslaught of trend chasers has left pumpkin beers played out. But here are a few standouts.

Dispelling Trouble
Is Richmond a "Psychic Black Hole?" This local witch thinks so.

Cliché Killers
A filmmaker's tips on how to prevent a boring zombie flick.

Taint Done Yet
Local filmmaker Drew Buldoc readies his next campy horror film.

Jump Cuts
Four frightening film recommendations in just about any medium.

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