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Couture at the End of the World


Imagine the scene after the Great Calamity: survivors crawling from the trembling remains of society and considering their options. Tribal warfare, cannibalism, a party. Human nature tends toward the last, but what do they wear when their clothes are ash? For the ninth year, 1708 Gallery presents a vision of fashion trends of the apocalypse with Wearable Art 9: šber, a night of performance and outfittery. Sorting through the hypothetical debris, students have cobbled party clothes out of trash bags, old pantyhose like Sarah Perry's design,left; plastic spoons (not, however, sporks); pipe cleaners like Elizabeth Kurz's dress, right; and pink flamingos as in Douglas W. Rieger's saucy number above. It's the best and worst of a civilization ruined but well-tailored. šber gets started at La Différence Saturday, Nov. 11, at 7 p.m. Tickets are $25-$45. 643-1708. S

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