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Counties Enjoy City Fun, But Don't Want to Pay


After reading another whiny letter-to-the-editor response in your paper from a county resident concerning regional cooperation (“The Money Pit of Regional Cooperation,” Letters, July 14), I would like to share this observation. I am a city resident. My family and I enjoy the yearly Fourth of July fireworks display at Dogwood Dell. When it comes to sharing Richmond's delightful show the suburbanites don't seem to mind clogging up our parking lot and parks and streets to share in this annual experience. Personally I wish we still had city stickers so we could charge outsiders to park in these areas as we once did for nonresidents to drive through Bryan Park's Azalea Garden when they used to have the wonderful blooms in blossom. Now they clog up our streets after the show to the point of gridlock. But don't dare ask them to help the city pay for their free entertainment! Heavens no! That might be considered regional cooperation!

Stanley Berkowitz

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