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Council Aide Seeks Apology

City Council aide Jennifer Walle says she'll drop her lawsuit against the city if she gets a "sincere apology."


Jennifer Walle. - SCOTT ELMQUIST

The woman at the center of City Council's sex scandal says she'll drop her lawsuit against the city, City Council President Kathy Graziano and aide David Hathcock if she gets a “sincere apology.”

In an interview this morning with Style Editor Jason Roop on WRVA 1140 AM, City Council aide Jennifer Walle and her attorney, Hayden Fisher, say they are seeking the apology and a commitment from the city to better handle harassment claims in the future.

Walle filed a $550,000 civil battery suit against the city, Graziano and Hathcock on Friday. Walle claims that Hathcock inappropriately groped her in her office and made unwanted sexual advances toward her in April of last year. Walle also claims that Graziano told her she could either “quit or deal with it” when informed of Hathcock's advances. Graziano, Walle claims in the lawsuit, then pushed her to file a complaint against her boss, First District Councilman Bruce Tyler.

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