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We misidentified the makeup artist for "An Idyllic I Do" (Belle, February/March); the correct name is Tiki Barber.

We incorrectly attributed a comment to CDA attorney George Scruggs ("Parking Lot Apocalypse," News & Features, Jan. 30) recommending that parking fees be lowered after the MAC Events Home Show at the convention center. It was Johnnie Hogue, regional manager for Standard Parking, who made the recommendation.

An editing change in Clarke Bustard's classical music overview ("A Closer Look," Cover Story, Jan. 30) may have created some ambiguity. Regarding the Richmond Symphony's planned return in 2009 to the downtown venue CenterStage, Bustard writes that by then, "the symphony will have a new music director; and a conductor with artistic vision, strong communication skills and good contacts in the wider musical world can take listeners in directions they didn't know they wanted to follow."

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