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Controversial Sign Fixed, Feud Ends

The new Forest Hill Park entrance arch is repaired and returned, and fences between two neighborhood booster groups have been mended.

The wrought-iron arch is a replica of the original sign erected in 1890 -- it fell victim to scrap iron collection efforts during World War II — and recently caused a stir when two neighborhood groups disagreed about its design.

An earlier replacement was dedicated in August. But the manufacturer abruptly removed it in October after Friends of the Park, which oversaw the project, realized it contained several errors, including a historically incorrect font and letters that were upside-down or backward.

"The [new] sign looks great," says Phil Licking, president of the Forest Hill Neighborhood Association, which provided a portion of proceeds to help pay for the project. "I applaud the Friends of Forest Hill Park for stepping up and correcting the original sign."

Licking earlier had strongly criticized Friends of the Park for wasteful spending and poor communication in the repair effort.

Given the positive outcome, however, which included Friends of the Park paying for the recent repairs, he says that more of the association's $4,600 donation now will be available to cover other park needs.

"I am extremely pleased they reached into their own pocket to cover the mistake," Licking says.

The corrected version was installed Dec. 17. S

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