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contest: 17 Words

Short shots at all you need to know about Richmond.

First place:

She's been dressed for her coming-out party for years, but, sadly, in all the wrong clothes. — George H. Nixon


Unfold the lawn chairs — click, plop,

A cooler — flip, pop,

Wine and beer.

There's shade over here.

— M. Garber

Downtown decays; Short Pump sprawls;

288 makes Midlothian West End South.

Do we really need another mall?

— Mike and Mary Eovino

Trying to give directions — even to a strip mall —

I always say,

What Used to Be There.

— Lisa Kroll

Honorable mentions:

Giant SUV

Driver on cell phone

Stopped at green light,

Turns and hits man on bicycle.


— N. Peter Whitehead

We're ote and abote, at the rivah,

Down at the slip; lower in the bottom.

That's Richmond.

— Randyl Kirkland

They tell you how desirable your downtown business is by the numbers of parking tickets you pay!

— Bill Boyer III

The James gushes through town

Like barbecue sauce squirted on chopped pork

With a tall cool one.

— N. Peter Whitehead


The cloud in a Fan bar

The dawn mist on the river

The City Council's eyes.

— N. Peter Whitehead

Motorola expected us to make computer chips when

rippled potato chips are too modern for this town?

— Mike and Mary Eovino

Leaving New York, heading south, so many unknowns, fears;

now, decades past, surprisingly pleased with Richmond's evolution.

— Mary Anne Silverman

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