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Come On, Get Happy Mart

The people associated with the Happy Mart call it a convenience store, but any customers walking in expecting to pick up a pint of Ben & Jerry's and a bag of Doritos will be sorely disappointed. The Happy Mart offers a very different idea of what is needed conveniently on a regular basis.

Much of the market is stocked with the canned, frozen and fresh ingredients required for many Latin-American and Caribbean dishes. Another wing is dedicated to merchandise of a kind you are never going to find at the 7-Eleven. The Happy Mart sells Latin-American music on CDs, as well as VHS videos and religious iconography. Among the religious candles and hand-painted interpretations of Jesus, the coup de grce is an enormous gold-colored chain necklace with a medallion-sized charm of the Virgin Mary standing on a ship's anchor. You should have no problem finding something none of your friends have here. The new Happy Mart is open at 6036 W. Broad St. from 8 a.m.-10 p.m. daily. 673-9090. — Wayne

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