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Incident Renews Criticism Of D.C. Foster Care Chief
-- The Washington Post, Jan 19, 1997

Washington — The office of D.C. foster care receiver Jerome G. Miller erupted in controversy this week when a top agency official called police after she was locked out of her office by a superior. The incident has renewed criticism of Miller's management style by co-workers, child welfare advocates and D.C. officials who say the office is in chaos.

Dianna Tafazoli, the agency's personnel director, reported to work Tuesday and found her office locked and her personal effects scattered in a reception area. She called police and filed a report when she discovered a $300 bottle of perfume was missing, police said.

Harry Black, Miller's chief financial officer, acknowledged feuding with Tafazoli and took responsibility for changing the locks. He said they were changed to protect auditors who had been working in the office and experiencing hostility from staff members.

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