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City Will Drop Wilder's Appeals to Supreme Court


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Two more scabs left from former-Mayor L. Douglas Wilder's administration are about to be picked off.

Mayor Dwight Jones' administration plans to drop Wilder's appeals to the Virginia Supreme Court of two lawsuits filed by City Council and the Richmond School Board against the Wilder administration.

“The appeals are going to get dismissed,” a knowledgeable source says. “Whatever legal issues that were involved, with the [city] charter review panel in place, there are going to be more constructive and cost-effective ways to make those decisions.”

So far, those two suits — one stemming from Wilder's attempt to fire City Council staffers and the other related to Wilder's attempt to evict the School Board from City Hall — have cost taxpayers in excess of $1.28 million paid to various law firms.

With the decision by Jones' administration to withdraw the appeals, the two Circuit Court decisions, both of which found in favor of Council and the School Board, will stand.


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