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City Sponsors New York Getaway



Tired of the zaniness at City Hall? Need a respite from a city besieged by violence and silver-haired egocentrics? Richmond's Department of Recreation and Community Facilities may have just the thing: A city-sponsored getaway by bus to New York City.

You thought the theatrics of Mayor Doug Wilder were entertaining? It doesn't hold a candle to Broadway, as a city press release gushes: "You'll laugh at 'Legally Blond [sic],' cry at 'Lonestar Love' and thrill to the glamour and glitz at Radio City Music Hall's 'Christmas Extravaganza.'"

The accommodations for the "Holiday Get Away" are first-class, not like those buses rolling down Broad Street. "You will travel in a comfortable chartered bus and also be treated to a tour of the city that never sleeps by both land and sea," the release promises.

The trip is one of the little-known treats the city offers now and then, says Christy Everson, a spokeswoman for the parks department. And unlike some excursions in the past extended to senior citizens only, this getaway is open to anyone 18 and older.

"We have done trips all around the world, actually," Everson says. "It's fabulous."

Indeed. Cost ranges from $975 per person to $2,620 for four people. The bus leaves Dec. 12 and returns Dec. 14. (For information, call 646-1999.)

What's the deadline for signing up? Are there any other trips on the horizon? Has Harry Black bought his ticket yet?

"I can't help you with that," Everson says, deferring to Mayor L. Douglas Wilder's spokesman, Linwood Norman. S

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