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City Responds to Neglected Trailer Park

Neighbors claimed the site was a catastrophe in the making. No warning signs were posted, and the site wasn’t secured.

Now that’s changed.

According to Patrick Roberts, director of the city’s Community Assisted Public Safety (CAPS) program, no-trespassing signs and a fence have gone up. It’s the first in a series of steps the city says the property owner will be forced to take.

“Right now it’s a little better than chicken wire,” but a start, Roberts says. The city is working to improve the site before the landlord’s September court date on the violations. Roberts acknowledges the hazards posed by the site: “We obviously don’t want to wait.”

Residents still plan to petition City Council for a more powerful response. Eighth District City Councilwoman J.M. “Jackie” Jackson says, “I am staying on administration to make sure we bring resolution to this matter.” Among options she plans to consider is having the city clear the land and send Miller the bill.

“This property has been a contributor to a majority of calls for service for years,” Jackson says, “and not until last year were we able to get [the property owner] into court.” — Brandon Walters

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