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Chris Brown at the Landmark Theater

Sunday, Nov. 22

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Chris Brown has had quite the year — and not in a good way. But that tends to happen when you decide your girlfriend should play the part of Apollo Creed in your self-produced version of “Rocky.” No matter how much publicity spin Brown's label and lawyers want to put on it to make him a martyr of forgiveness, hitting women is wrong (not to mention a blessed felony). Taking part in a “Fan Appreciation Tour” leading to the tactless release of his latest album, “Graffiti” (something he's becoming increasingly familiar with cleaning during his community service hours here), Brown is scheduled to perform at the Landmark Theater on Sunday, Nov. 22. For his crimes — including the use of autotune — make a point to think about the women in your life and put your money to better use. — Mike Hilleary


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