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Chef's 10

1. Franco's, "for upscale Italian and grilled calamari."

2. Mama Cucina "for cheap Italian."

3. Mekong "for upscale Vietnamese and the awesome beer selection."

4. Vinh Phat "for hole-in-the-wall Vietnamese, hearty Pho broth and delicious shrimp on sugar cane."

5. La Palmera "for Mexican and Central American cuisine. Oh those tamales!"

6. Superstars Pizza "for contemporary pizza."

7. Mary Angela's "for traditional pizza."

8. Millie's "for spicy Thai shrimp on linguine and always fun times."

9. Old City Bar "for the corn pancakes and scallops Weyanoke."

10. La Petite France and Lemaire, tied, "for splurging." — Deveron Timberlake

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