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Cheap Date: The Big One

Every Monday and Tuesday, Avenue 805 Restaurant on Davis near Broad has an enormous deal called Cheap Date Night that will get you in and out for only 30 bucks. The atmosphere of the restaurant is cozy, allowing, while not encouraging, you to hold hands under the table and share looks of sheepish pleasure. For your 30 bucks you get a bottle of wine, a big bowl of house or Caesar salad, another tub of the pasta of your choice and a dessert. Since it's served family style, you and your significant other can become even closer. It can be like in that movie "Lady and the Tramp" where those love-struck pooches find themselves eating the same piece of spaghetti. And since the deal is on Mondays and Tuesdays, you can have that special time together on Sunday nights watching Tony Soprano spill some blood. Ah, always treasure those sweet, sweet moments! — Francis Decker

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