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Cheap Date: Pie in the Sky

Sven Shine Inn

However, there are pizzas and there are Pizzas. Here's a date that will put the magic back into the pie and a twinkle in your date's eye:

The Date: Sven Shine Inn on West Main Street underneath the Lost Sock Laundromat. Mitchelle Lammers, the owner and sole employee, has reinvented the wheel, but it's a wheel with power steering and cruise control. Everything is cooked to perfection in Mitchelle's all-wood-fired pizza oven imported from Italy. Nearly all the pizza ingredients are made from scratch; from the sausage to the marinara to the mozzarella. What's even better is that all pizzas and calzones are $6.50, and forget about Bottoms Up, because the menu at Sven's reads more like Wolfgang Puck's than Pizza Hut. From the world of pepperoni and green onions to rabbit and Gorgonzola cheese, Sven's is the Four Seasons of pizza. Pizza specials change every month and come with a dynamite green salad for $9.50. Sven's also offers for $15 a choice of a meat or a fish entree that he changes every month. This past month it was Salmon Teriyaki with Ravioli or Steak and Cilantro with Gnocchi. — Francis W. Decker

Sven Shine Inn

1319 W. Main St.

Richmond, Va. 23220


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