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Cheap Date: Picnic in the Park

The Cheap Event: Until Aug. 17, Dogwood Dell offers free concerts. The Festival of the Arts offers everything from ballet and musicals to jazz and gospel. It doesn't matter if you know nothing about the event as long as you are enthusiastic. Memorize the following phrase and repeat it while on your date: "I have always enjoyed ballet/jazz/gospel/musicals but have never had the opportunity to see/hear it live. It's like a whole new world has opened up to me."

The Picnic: The picnic will bring a romantic touch to your date unattainable at either Lemaire or Taco Bell. While you may be tempted to get something really cheap like chips and beef jerky, I suggest you go bigger than that. Stoned Wheat Crackers and a nice cheese (not Kraft Singles!) would be a good start. You also might want to try something like fried chicken and iced tea. You don't need much food as long as you talk about how much you enjoy eating light in the summer. Mention your distain for big meals or all the starving children in China. Just to be on the safe side though, you may want to get yourself a predate snack at Taco Bell.

— Francis W. Decker

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