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Cheap Date: Basic Instinct

Su Casa

The Date: What better venue can there possibly be for stimulating chili peppers than Mexican food? It just so happens that one of the best places for Mexican food is also one of the cheapest as well as the fastest. Su Casa on Broad Street near Malvern is a place that specializes in tickling your spicy palate. It serves some of the best-tasting Mexican and Greek dishes in Richmond, averaging only about seven or eight bucks. Su Casa will even give you a punch card so if you visit a certain number of times, you will receive a free meal. The white cheese dip is absolutely incredible, but for sheer pepper power, I would go with the green salsa. The only thing is that after Su Casa helps you to explore your brain's spicy pleasure center you might find you don't really need a date at all. Unfortunately, that's really the reason why my friend flunked out of one of the three most prestigious medical schools in the Philippines. — Francis Decker

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