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"Change" Is Good; Levi Will Be Missed; Enron Essay Hit the Target


"Change" Is Good

I thoroughly enjoyed Warren Fiske's Jan. 22 Cover Story on First Lady Lisa Collis ("The Public Life"). I suggest, however, that she did not "chuck" a career to raise three daughters but "changed" it. - Kathy Ellis

Levi Will Be Missed

Thank you for Edwin Slipek's wonderful remembrance of Dean Levi (Obit, Jan. 15). He portrayed Dean perfectly. Dean is missed by the many, many people who knew and appreciated him for his fun, good nature, generosity and love of life. Ed captured well what endeared Dean to co-workers and friends. - Nancy Finch

Enron Essay Hit the Target

I commend you for printing Terry Rea's Enron article and Terry for writing it (Back Page, Jan. 29).

If journalists stop writing fluff and really dig deep into this thing with half the voracity that they went after Monica Lewinsky and O.J. Simpson, then we may believe that there is some semblance of democracy (very little, less every day) left in this country.

I can assure that hushing this thing up could become a "bipartisan" issue — meaning the so-called members of "both" parties got caught with their pants down. And in a much more serious way than the Monica Lewinsky sense.

Personally I think the poor employees at Enron should be compensated by deductions from their congressmen's salaries — then these scumbags would think twice before getting their hands caught in the cookie jar. Only by voting for independents will this situation have a hope of being corrected. But problem No. 1 is the notorious stupidity and apathy of the average American. - Al Simons

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